Monday, 12 November 2012

Paul Smith - Glam intrigue Brand Concept 2011

Paul Smith Women's androgynous take on his very successful menswear offering has always intrigued me...There are elements in the collection that draw me in, the styling in always super cool and very seductively makes you want to be a Paul Smith woman. However I have always felt he has missed the fact that women want to look sexy when it comes to his brand campaign photography concepts..... his Catwalk shows convey this expertly...the girls look sexy, sassy and cool...Paul Smith tends to take the photographs on his marketing campaigns - Paul is an iconic figure in fashion moving increasingly into the hallowed stratospheres of Fashion Royalty, his brand is very Rock and Roll....this does not come across in his brand campaigns for women yet in my humble opinion.
For this reason I set my St Martins students a project to tackle this connumdrum. This is what one of them came up with....

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copy Schelay McCarter