Monday, 22 February 2016

Ashley Isham - London Fashion Week Feb 16 - Chloe Curry for Fashiontent

The Ashley Isham woman this season is more active and empowered warrior princess than  delicate aesthete muse. The Sportsluxe influence so prominent in the fashion forum for the past few years elsewhere has been embraced by Mr Isham with the introduction of hooded zip up jackets in go faster quilted fabrics. The mix of body con tailoring with opulent glitzy fabrics  verfiied this change of direction from past Isham collections. Plenty of shimmer was provided in the gold jacquard and smattering of glam disco sequins. Delving into the Isham dressing up box there was something for everyone,  ruffles galore sat upon shoulders and cut lines throughout the show and the accessory stalwarts were elbow length fingerless leather gloves. We liked it! The collection was for the most part very wearable. Ashley Isham shows would not be the same without an injection of theatre and whimsy. The styling decision to put curtain throwback rope over the top of heavy weight upholstery style fabric troubled us slightly, though we loved the headpieces, there was a wonderful crescendo moment when a flapper-esque bonnet with protruding 6ft foot feathers was sent down the runway, tickling the second row on the nose, the perfect fashion moment! 
Overall we felt the strengths of the collection lay in the bias-cut draped long length gowns, hooded sporty jackets, the headpieces and body con silhouettes, which were all skilfully constructed and tailored.
The freemason’s hall is a beautiful venue, always a wonderful space to embrace fashion verve. Thank you POPPR for inviting us.

Coverage, filming and photos Chloe Curry
Copy - Schelay McCarter 
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