Sunday, 9 October 2016

London Fashion Week SS17 APUJAN by Clara Walton for Fashiontent

© Clara Walton for fashiontent

APUJAN - Spring Summer 17

Inspired by ‘An Ancient Summer Nights Dream’ APUJAN’s Spring/Summer 17 collection, showed a beautiful colour palette of blues, grey and black, with the use of plaid and stripes. The collection lends itself to be worn on an every day basis for the duration of summer. A signature piece of APUJAN’s designs was a halter-neck dress with a long flowing patterned skirt, with a hidden front-slit, which gave a dreamy effect due to its movement and use of colouring. APUJAN’s collection is influenced by literature. In this particular collection, the focus is on a dream like state, the use of various knitted techniques and knitted fabric, which wouldn't be expected for summer climate, has been redesigned in a open weave to allow the fabric to breathe, another technique used was small layering, which combined into a bold and casual look for the catwalk. Whilst APUJAN’s collection walked down the catwalk, live music from singer Slow Shudder and DJ Questionmark, added to the surrealness of the designs, and encouraged the story of fantasy, love and dreaming.

Copy and review by Clara Walton for © Fashiontent , pls credit