Tuesday, 11 October 2016

London Fashion Week - Swedish school of Textiles Clara Walton Reports

Clara Walton reports for © fashiontent

The Swedish School of Textiles

An exhilarating combination of diversity from each graduate’s view of their fashion careers. 15 shows, 7 outfits and each designer given a chance to show off their identity in fashion within each piece. Highlighted shows that particularly caught my eye, started with the work from Matlida Forssblad and her ‘Future Fashion Epic Beauty’ collection. The start of her collection began with a model weaving through a fabric white background, which then amazingly turned into a dress, to which the model proceeded to walk down the catwalk fully attired! Matilda’s use of the natural fall of the fabric, gave a new perspective on what clothing can do without over-complicating the design. Her interesting style of connecting the fabric to a models hairstyle or having a model hold the front of the dress in her mouth is extraordinary!

Julia Ragnarsson’s show ‘Who are u wearing?’ gave an added dimension to the ideology of which designer a celebrity is wearing, when on the red carpet, whereas in this collection the celebrity is printed on the clothing. When the collection walked down the catwalk, the clothing is almost an optical illusion, as the prints blend in with the model and begs the questions where the fabric stops and the model begins. The majority of Ragnarsson’s outfits were all loose fitting, and the main feature was the customised print on each piece. A particular piece that was obvious of which celebrity was being portrayed was a print of Angelina Jolie styling a high leg slit in a black dress with red lipstick.

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(Clara is a bespoke ladieswear designer - she creates clothes to suits her clients needs to couture standard )