Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Test Shoot - Let's Get Sustainable - Gennaro D' Alia - Art Direction for Fashion -

The idea

It's Time to Look back - reinvent, here we have 'New to Me' - Sustainable Styling using preloved, vintage clothes. The inspiration vintage photo shoots ..........

For his personal project set in my Art Direction for Fashion class Gennaro D'Alia looked to his core beliefs and reflected on his own style direction as an Art Director. Now was the time to experiment and explore , take chances, try things out. Recognising this aspect of creative style development is an important part of being an art director. 

It is only through experimentation - accepting that some shots might not work as well as others but nevertheless trying this out that confidence will flourish  - understanding that all great photographers and art directors test out ideas to discover what works best for them, to increase their confidence and develop their own unique image hand writing. 

Cutting loose from outside influences, shedding preconceptions of what they should like and exploring more broadly why certain images make them emotionally connect is a good starting point. The best images are those that have something special that makes us remember them.

Commercial images that transcend their original purpose and after time develop that elusive feeling of art is what we should aspire to create as art directors.


There are some shots here that work much better than others, I have not edited Gennaro's submission.
Which ones do you like ? 

Personal Project by Photographer Gennaro D'Alia 

Creatively directed by Schelay McCarter @ fashiontent