Friday, 23 April 2010

The Tie -

I would like to see a fashion shoot devoted to how wearing a man's tie can be a really cool look.
The androgyny trend and 'wearing boyfriends clothes' trend is still out there. I have never seen a really cool fashion shoot totally exploring the potential of a woman wearing a mans tie - I don't mean wearing it in the conventional way with a suit - this would be boring, I mean styled in an unusual and quirky way exploring all the potential there is for a sexy and simple look -
Chrissy Hynde does this extreemly well and gives it a sexy intimate style - one wonders if this is Ray Davis's tie perhaps ( her then boyfriend) I love it worn with the waistcoat here.....
The bow tie image above is a Chanel interpretation of the androgyny look - not an everyday look though cute - I would like to see the bow and straight tie worn out there with jeans - at a music festival with T shirts and skirts for example - it could be used as a great symbol of woman's power and emancipation too -
Mens fashion is tending to casual dress, dropping the tie in some cases - so why don't we adopt the tie girls ?
not to be worn in a school girl way though - yuk!

This casual look it great - not formal at all, boyfriend reference is there, an easy to wear comfortable style..... more please !
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