Monday, 3 May 2010

Mike Vensel Concept - Steven Meisel studio 54 inspired shoot

I would like to introduce you to Mike Vensel's label. Mike attended my Art direction course in April.
Based now in LA Mike originally trained as a graphic designer and in true American entrepreneurial style has also turned his hand to study fashion design. Greatly influenced by architecture in his work he has created 4 collections to date, each season has developed a new edge of style from the last leading to this A/W 2010 -11 which has a sexy, simple, body classic look reminiscent of and influenced by the 1970's iconic socialite designer then based in New York and frequenter of studio 54 - Halston.

During the course we look at editorial fashion shoots and what makes them work as a collection of images that tell a fashion story or sell a trend.
The Steven Meisel shoot -' I feel Love' below was one such shoot we examined -
The model is Natalia Vodianova Portman.
Mike really liked this idea and developed his brand promotion around this concept.

Please see below....

Mike Vensel's Brand promotion concept

Halston’s 101 East 63rd Street Apartment in NYC / Disco Days

Mike's Concept:
After the party, crazy girl in her modern apartment loosing her mind

Simultaneously shot on film and video, for variation and extra footage

Pose and cropping

Hair and Makeup:

Clean makeup with a smoky eye, contoured cheeks and neural lip, messy tussled hair

The collection for Autumn Winter 2010 -11 Mike Vensel

The Location

The Boundary Hotel, London, Mies Van Der Rohe Suite,(Modern/Minimal)
Model : Zane Sila with Women in Milan.

On camera flash, snapshot style, caught in the act, tight cropping,
overlapping edges of other images

Color Story and background look :
Black and gray clothes, gray, brown, back grounds, silks, suede, marble,leather, wood.

Please check my next post to see Mike's brilliant fashion shoot