Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Berlin Winter Street Fashion - Germany explored

Seen on Unter den Linden in the centre of Berlin this couple look very chic and coordinated styled purposefully or by accident in their matching whiter shades of pale
Seen on Friedrichstrasse a baroque pattern of matt and gloss textured fabric on this Desiguel coat .

Love it or hate it this epitomises the look seen almost everywhere at the moment - the puffer/duvet coat, a huge amount on the high street for sale. Top end brands such as Hugo Boss also have a commitment to this popular look.
A woollen poncho - like the way she has styled herself here.

Jeans almost everywhere in Berlin, note this security strap over her shoulder - a stylish addition, means you can rest your arm without worrying the bag with valuables will fall off your shoulder

This young mother looks very cool in her fingerless gloves and simple canvas bag, I like the above knee length camel brown coat and the grey scalf works really well here, note the cool wedge trainers.
Jeans with white coat - this has real fur cuffs and collar - shame I wasn't quick enough to get her from the front

Near Potsdamer Platz, a cool trend led hat, again jeans in boots - a short red jacket and purple bag....stood out in the sea of black and neutrals around - 
Cool young Koople! - matching well
Seen on Unter den Linden a well heeled German couple, real fur fringed hood here on her cosy woollen jacket and uber shiny leather boots and matching bag, very chic!

A chic cyclist dashing across Bebel Platz near the Opera house in Berlin, her Longchamp bag is squashed into her front basket - I liked her wedge heeled brown boots and burnt orange wool coat.
Berlin was flattened by the allies in the 2nd world war - the old buildings are mostly pastiche and rebuilt, this image sums up Berlin today -  looking to the future with humility. 
Here is the bleak and very moving Jewish Memorial, the flats behind it were the accommodation of prominent Eastern Berlin politicians when the wall was up, on the left with the green roof is Hotel Adlon the most expensive hotel in Berlin ( restored recently) it is near the Brandenburg Gate. It was on one of it's balconies that Michael Jackson held his child much to the horror of the world press. The hotel has bullet proof glass and bomb proof walls.  

After huge pressure on the Political regime in East Germany the dividing wall came down between West and East Berlin in 1989. Like a 'tamed' Phoenix rising from the ashes Berlin has been on a massive rebuilding programme ever since. This has been done in a considered and prudent manner, rebuilding the best from the past, certifying permanent foundations of remembrance and circumspection for crimes committed by their fathers and projecting a humble optimism in their future with new amazing and original municipal and commercial buildings, Potsdamer Platz and the Hauptbahnhof station stand out as two of the best we saw.
The old East Berlin contained all the historical and heraldic building, all with out exception were neglected until the wall came down. It is a different story today as slowly they have been rebuilt. Just off Unter den Linden the Opera house is being restored at the moment.  
I got a real sense that the creative heart of the city is beginning to beat again. I found out Hugo Boss has the ignominiuos history of having been the official designer of the 3rd Reich uniform  and still thrives today - as does Chanel in Paris who also has a regrettable history of collaboration with the then occupying German army. John Galliano's unguarded comments in a Paris bar broke too many taboos recently to be forgiven easily, visit Berlin and you will see why. The large memorial to all those who lost their lives is in the centre of Berlin where the new generation authority has made sure it is not hidden away, on one of the busiest most prominent roads a short walk from the Brandenburg Gate and opposite the Grober Tiergarten park it is a moving site.
Berliners are used to the cold with the temperature going down to - 26 in Winter sometimes. I suspect that is when many wear real fur lined coats and hats emerge from moth balls and covers in wardrobes! It is after all no accident that eskimos wear real fur as it will keep one perhaps they could be forgiven.
Bicycles are used by everyone in Berlin, with a population of only 3 million there is room to cycle in relative safety.
I found Berlin a friendly city with a tangible ambition to thrive and make up for the past.

Copy and Photos schelay - pls credit.