Monday, 25 February 2019

'Like an Icon' Madonna has led the way

Love her or hate her Madonna deserves to be lauded - I was not a fan in her early days - 'like a Virgin' seemed too commercial and poppy for me , the lyrics seemed benal and were not to my taste then however I have to confess that over the years my admiration for her clever creative direction of brand Madonna has impressed me - her music has evolved as has her image in an ever more sophisticated way reflecting the zeitgeist of the moment - leading the way 'like an icon' this above music video ( 2009) has not dated and taps into the key cultural references that are important to us in 2019 - the embracing of a more diverse and inclusive society, the athleisure and Sportluxe trends popularity championed by Supreme and Virgil Abloh,  the body con fitness 'gym bunny' culture and dance popularity have grown ever more significant. 
I cherry picked some of her music portfolio this weekend and found myself transported into an optomistic place - Gaga you owe alot to Madonna !

Copy Schelay - pls credit