Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Aixa Hendriques - Editorial for Wonderland Magazine - De - Structure

This fashion narrative explores Fashion's role in reflecting personal evolutionary growth after travel away brings us home changed to our communities.

Art Director ©Aixa Henriques

I really like the way Aixa has explored how her personal growth after travelling abroad to study has increased her confidence in how she expresses herself in the way she dresses. The awakening of her own personal confidence as her visual life experience has broadened and exploring how this impacts on her fitting back into her community in Curacao. How we dress reflects how we feel and want to be viewed by the world.
Clothes she has discovered also help us to fit in with our environment.
Our fashion choices are either making a statement or leaving an impression.

Curacao is a beautiful place with the most wonderful Aloe Vera plantations.
CuraƧao is a Lesser Antilles island in the southern Caribbean Sea and the Dutch Caribbean region, about 65 km north of the Venezuelan coast. It is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
Mostly popular for:
 Parks, Architecture, Nature, Religious Sites, Museum
Best time to visit:
 February · Avg. 2.8 cm precip · Avg. H 28°C · L 25°C

Creative Direction - Schelay McCarter - tutor on online Art direction for Fashion.