Monday, 23 August 2021

Roll away The Stone - Summer School 2021 onsite at CSM Granary Square London

No one could have predicted the impact of the C19 virus on the world. We all pulled down our bunker hatches and sheltered from the invisible enemy here in the UK  from March 2020 until July 2021.
I was asked to help support the rapid move to online teaching by Jeremy Till the Head of CSM along with others at UAL who had online teaching experience.
This was a war against educational oblivion. A vaporous Tsunami so gentle and sinister we were not sure how we were going to win. Over night we were looking at the prospect of zero enrolment and funding. Courses that had thrived creatively face to face racing to be transfered online to be taught remotely by educators who had little or no experience of doing so, across the globe in every class room on the planet. This was a full pitched battle against time and it was sink or swim. We chose to swim. It was devastating and scary for us all. The race to beat the C19 virus in parallel was being raced at pace by our global biological scientists. 
We are now able to meet, greet, hug and over the last few weeks I have been able to teach face to face. The battle is not yet over, the C19 virus is being kept at bay, 
we need to be prudent, use our common sense, be mindful of others, and never forget what we have been through and those who didn't make it and make sure that we have all been jabbed. 

Let me introduce you now to the students I have taught face to face in CSM Summer School in July & August onsite at Granary Square.

Project 1 by Isabella and Amelia called Collaboration

An excellent team fashion art direction project for multimedia.

© Amelia Russell and Isabel Igbokwe

Creative Direction, copy and photos © schelay McCarter