Saturday, 28 August 2021

Kids Fashion Shoot idea for Milk Magazine created by Raquel Maes


This is an outstanding aspirational fashion shoot concept called 'Don't forget to Run' for Milk Magazine to sell seasonal Childrenswear clothing was created by Raquel Maes on my onsite Art direction for fashion course this Summer at Granary Square CSM Campus. 

A nostagia for the past when children played outside and did not have their attention devoured by digital devices is expressed beautifully.

Generations go by and the essence of childhood has been lost. A few years ago children used to go out in the street to play for hours with their bikes, balls, ... and now they spend hours and hours with electronic devices and playing video games, in a virtual reality, missing out on a magical stage of their lives. 

With the pandemic, children have socialised through a non-existent virtual world and this has brought back the value of childhoods of a few years ago.

The concept of this editorial is childhood in general, comparing the childhood of the past in today's social environment. 

Raquel's ambition is to work for the Inditex group. 

Mr Ortega if you are watching this blog space please give her an interview - she comes highly recommended. 

Raquel is majoring in Photography and visual communication at a university in Barcelona.

Art Direction - © Raquel Maes

Creative Direction - Schelay McCarter 

copy by Schelay McCarter ©fashiontent pls credit - many thanks