Thursday, 27 May 2010

Halcyon Fashion days

love this - the fashion era of simplicity of silhouette - 1960s

high shoes in the 1920s - these look torturous

A Chanel coat cir 1920
fluting taken to extremes - effective though

interesting trend here wearing jewels on one's back ! the back detail being the main feature! feminine boyishness - flat chests a must - no cleavage encouraged - breasts were literally strapped down!!

love the composition of this shot

cool bikes - was it colder then?

those big coat collars are very chic -

languid summer frocks - Chanel - beautiful light

sweet and demure!
Sexy .... like this look! halternecks are so flattering ....

this season taking influence from the flapper style, a key layered look using light sheer and or opaque jersey fabrics that fall well and don't crease - so flattering, cool and easy to wear.
I like to see jersey sleeveless jackets with graduating short to long hems worn with jeans and high leather boots.