Monday, 2 May 2011

Catherine Middleton's Wedding dress

demure and stylish

Grace Kelly looking exquisite in her lace creation

Diana in her 80's Meringue
my mothers dress
The long sleeves and train were removed

This is my wedding dress - it had been my mother's - a vintage Dior style of rich duchess satin, it was a classic then and was for me and would be today - we shortened the sleeves and removed the long train to make it more modern - 

Yes, it is true Catherine Middleton's dress was influenced by Grace Kelly's dress. What a wonderful homage to Grace Kelly. Catherine's dress like Grace's will be a classic timeless piece unlike Diana's frothy wedding dress that shouts 1980's excess and today seems totally styleless and dated. A mistake many made at that time of excess and conspicuous consumption, where 'more' was better than 'less'. Hating most of the dresses I could buy off the peg I wore my mother's vintage Dior - so pleased I did now. It survives in tissue paper somewhere.