Wednesday, 21 September 2011


It was Tuesday morning, yesterday in fact that I rushed over to the grand Freemasons' Hall on Queen Street London for the first show of the day 'A La Disposition' Mechanical Failure at 10am organised by BLOW PR front of house and Vauxhall Fashion Scout. I love this venue, the deco interior is a most fitting environment to show case fashion talent in London. The show was 10mins late, this was fine as I sat in the front row next to Keskula an interesting fashion scout who connects people creatively in the Nordic states .

I was not sure what to expect from this talented design duo. Apparently the Spring Summer 2012 collection by A La Disposition forms 'an expression of defiance in an age of retraction'. The expertly crafted garments were constructivist in essence, the body form a vehicle to express nonconformist versions of classic shapes, for example the skirts and dresses were made up in the most deliciously sumptuous raw lime silks, these ballooned voluminously on one side and in contrast hugged the figure smoothly on the other, whilst other versions were symmetrical and fluted. The contrast between exercised control and the elegance of volume is central in the collections created by A La Disposition apparently.  

My favourite piece was the wool jacket with the cris cross detailing on the back.  
I can see Kiera Knightly looking perfect in the purple ballooning skirt and black blouse. The knee length pop socks worked and it was pleasing to see less vertiginous shoes too. 
A La Disposition is relocating and will be settling permanently in London.

Words and photography - Schelay McCarter - please credit