Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Leutton Postle - Day 1 LFW - SS12

Jenny Leutten one half of talented design duo Leutton Postle

Leutton Postle’s ( design team Jenny Leutton and Sam Postle )  

The KNITWEAR was fantastical and wild !     An explosion of colours: intense textures,  yet soft , meshed and merged.
Mosaic and patchwork of knitting fabric, cable ties,  yarn ….
Look at the shoes and the mosaic’d faces
Jenny  is inspired by 1930s painter and textile designer Sonia Delauney ( not to confuse with Robert )
Resonant palette and tones.  

Words & Photos for fashiontent - please credit

This brilliant collection is being featured in world famous fashion savvy 'Browns' boutique's window in South Molten Street in London at the moment. Go and take a look and make an investment buy!

Schelay - fashiontent Editor