Monday, 25 February 2013

LFW A/W 2013 Pam Hogg

Pam Hogg the designer at the end of her triumphant show
Pam Hogg Bride
Tuuli Shipster
Tuuli Shipster
Tuuli Shipster

Glamourous and wearable

Jefferson Hack
Nick Rhodes and Maria Sulvio

Jaime Winstone


I always think of Pam Hogg and Vivienne Westwood as being part of the same era, as both made their names at the time of Punk in the 80s, both challenged the conventional codes of fashion and were part of a movement that shook up the establishment. Vivienne stuck to fashion and let her then husband Malcolm Mclaren manage the new wave music side whilst Pam has found success in both the music and fashion industry. 

There is always a real buzz running up to a Pam Hogg show. This seasons’ offering was called ‘The Emperors New Clothes’. I spotted Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran fame, Jaime Winstone along with Jefferson Hack ( father of Kate Moss’s little girl Lila Grace Moss Hack) all sitting in the front row.

As one would expect the show was anything but dull. Evenly indented between an army of vertiginously heeled, body suited models a totally naked model would appear looking like it was quite normal to wear nothing but her birthday suit, hat and in some cases a gaping open billowing Vinyl coat or white net cape!

Alexandra Shulman Editor of British Vogue refused to upload the whole show on for this very reason Pam Hogg’s PR executive told me.

For me this side show was part of the story…after all is was called The Emperor’s new clothes! Pam Hogg’s shows have a reputation of being edgy and avant guarde …the shows' collection of erotic and decorative net, lace and Vinyl body suits did not disappoint prompting me to imagine part of the collection centre stage at the Folie Bergere. Photographer Rankin co founder of Dazed and Confused magazine with Jefferson Hack was front row supporting his wife Tuuli Shipster as she modelled a selection of sexy outfits one of which was a very wearable red satin off the shoulder dress I coveted.

One thing is for certain the two photographers that covered the show for me thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle and got some truly amazing shots. To see the whole collection click this link to LESDOIT.

Copy Schelay McCarter
All Photography exclusive to Fashiontent Ltd and LESDOIT please credit photographers Michael Harvey and Steve Turvey