Thursday, 10 July 2014

Photoshoot Kim Watson, Shot 6 CSM London Art Direction For Fashion course

The student Art Director for this shot had a very definite idea of what she wanted to get out of these two girls to sell the 'White Hot' look in the editorial narrative. To be honest at first the shot didn't take off as we expected. However once Livia told Maya that she was required to play the role of a 'guy' in the duo Maya like an actress of the best calibre performed perfectly with Manna and we started getting the images we were after.
This above image reminds me in mood of a Steven Meisel shoot he did with Amber Valetta in LA Mansion houses for a Versace brand Campaign. The shots were then exhibited in the White Cube Gallery in London. I like the way the models are looking down at Kim Watson as he shoots them from the bottom of the stairs. We wanted something extra for this shot - shooting on a white background is so common and look book like - we needed the models to pull something out of the hat to elevate the shot into something above ordinary - they did ! see the shot below. A shot that one remembers is a shot that fascinates and also may make one feel uncomfortable - this one has those qualities. 

The Results 

© Schelay McCarter @ fashiontent - pls credit