Monday, 7 July 2014

Photo shoot Kim Watson Granary Building CSM - Casting and Location Recce

Kim Watson and my team of Art Direction students before our casting meeting on Monday 30th June at CSM London.  

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The model calling cards for casting

Maya stood out as special. I had cast Maya earlier the previous week and was pleased we had been given a First provisional by Models One for the 3rd July. This is my casting shot of her in CSM reception!

Models One sent me 3 other girls with First provisionals to cast on the first day the course. The student Art Directors agreed with me that Maya should be used though not able to get to this casting.  It was also the students decision which 2nd model we used for the shoot. Manna the West Indian model above was the unanimous choice. I then confirmed with their agency that we would like Maya and Manna for our shoot and sent the model agency the shoot call sheet. It is normal practice to provide lunch for the Models on shoot days and is part of their contract.

Kim Watson and the students took record shots of the girls for the casting meeting before a final decision was made. 

Manna's casting record shot

Students taking their own record shots
Laura's Model casting shot for meeting

The Location Recce

The CSM Granary Building roof terrace here was to be used for the first 3 hours of our Thursday shoot. The weather forecast was good - a big relief! We had the back up of the St Martins Photographic studios should it rain. Elle Magazine has previously used the roof terrace at CSM last year for a fashion shoot.

The CSM Granary Building interior 

Students doing a location recce of best lit areas to direct the photographer to take their fashion shots - so that they can coordinate the shoot order and time manage the 7 shot sequence 

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