Sunday, 6 July 2014

Student Work - Photo shoot Kim Watson CSM Granary building - Concept Planning

This is the story of last weeks London/Milan Dual Art direction for Fashion course - I taught the London week where the students planned their own EDITORIAL fashion photoshoot for a magazine of their choice using a top pre booked professional fashion photographer ( Kim Watson ) new face models from one of Londons top Model agency Models One and experienced hair and make-up artists.
The students are now in Milan doing their 2nd week looking at fashion business aspects of promoting brands on the web, app, and mobile devises.

Spring / Summer 14 fashion trend focus on a whites wardrobe and how to style to look cool and sexy in the city

This was sent to the make- up and hair artists before the shoot 

Kim Watson was booked by me for the shoot. He was Annie Liebovitz's assitant for 10 years.

The Creative Team

Photographer - Kim Watson

Production Director - Schelay McCarter

shot 1 - Art Director - Molly Bridwood

Shot 2 - Art Director – Yana Kuznetsova

Shot 3 -  Art Director -  Anabel Kim 

Shot 4 - Art Director - Aurelys Irizarry

Shot 5  Art Director - Livia Cereri

Shot 6 Art Director - Sui Fan Fannielewis Lee

Shot 7 Art Director - Begum Erbas

Hair and Make – up - Viola Bea

Hair and Make – up - Siobhan Drew

Models – Models One – Manna and Maya

Photographer’s Assistant - Ben Hay

These boards below were used on the shoot to brief the photographer and his assistant. They were evolutionary working boards for planning the shot order dependant on the model choice order and narrative vision of the team of Art Directors. Each student Art director planned and Art directed one of the shots in keeping with the team's agreed narrative vision.  

© fashiontent CSM London/Milan Art direction for Fashion - please credit

additional board that goes with shot 4 ( Fannies )

© schelay McCarter Fashiontent pls credit