Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Linda famoroti -' Its My Dream' Fashion Editorial Narrative idea and Test Shoot for CLIENT Magazine -


                                     STAGE 2 Preproduction Team Proposal

                                                    Stage 3  Sequence Planning

The Test Shoot
Art Direction and Production Linda Famoroti

© Linda Famoroti

Based In Barcelona Linda developed her fashion narrative idea created on my course Art direction for Fashion into a Test Shoot called It's my Dream.
Already working for the Inditex Group Linda would like to advance from stylist to Art director/ Producer in her own freelance Art direction or Production Company.
She has already taken a successful step forward towards her dream, taking her fashion narrative and working on the art directing and production herself with no budget to produce this wonderful Test shoot called It's my Dream published in CLIENT Magazine. 
Linda should now feel confident hitting the ground running with her understanding of the legal and professional procedures covered in detail on the Production course with Schelay so that when she is offered a commercial retail shoot with a budget to handle, a team to book and manage she will be confident that she is following industry standard business processes and will be professionally proficient and reliable and more importantly protected from pitfalls
Well done Linda. 

It has been a great pleasure taking part in the PRODUCTION course.
I've learned a lot on how to structure my creative ideas and translate them into a proper brief for clients. Schelay is very specific and productive in her feed-backs and I believe this is the best way to grow in the fashion industry. After this journey I feel more confident on how to approach my upcoming projects thanks to the skills I've developed, even if there is always more to learn. Last but not least, it's a fantastic opportunity to meet other creative people from around the world. 
Thank you Schelay! Linda Famoroti - Inditex group

© Schelay McCarter - fashiontent