Monday, 8 February 2021

Part 2 Shoot Production skills course - The Producer’s role

The Role of Producer 

A Four week course online with Schelay on Zoom
NB offered to advance students professional skill base after completing the 6 week pre production CSM 'Art Direction for Fashion' course with Schelay

Making things happen Professionally for your career potential

An Art Director is creatively responsible for a project 'front of house', a Producer works for the Art Director 'backstage' to make the idea happen. Art Directors can do both jobs or can hire in a dedicated producer they like to work with. On this course we explore the important role of a Production Manager or Producer. 
There are certain professional practices essential to successfully managing a multi media image production. On this course you will create your own production company logo and learn in practical detail terms what those essential damage limitation processing procedures are in production and post production project management.

Recommendations from past Students 

Isabella Bazoni  

Anima Production Company

I have absolutely loved this course! Thanks to Schelay's great lectures, where she managed to make the hardest and most technical part of professional multi media production fun and incredibly interesting! I feel like this course has given me the confidence and technical skills to support the more artistic and creative ones I developed in the idea generating projects. Furthermore, even though we were attending online Schelay was able to create a great environment that truly felt like an on-campus class. Each week we were sent the powerpoint Zoom recording of our live class to go back over. Highly recommend.

Ben Hatem

 ALPHA3H.COM Production Company 

I have attended the Art direction for fashion and the Part 2 Production online course and I must admit that my confidence has grown so much since then, the weekly presentations were meticulously well put and designed to create excitement, develop unique concepts and most importantly create realistic editorials that speaks to the current social narrative.
It has been a great experience learning from Schelay.
She is very thoughtful and strives to put a lot of attention into the material we use, she is one of a kind with tons of input while we discuss the tasks an art director/producer go through everyday . It was so inspiring and valuable to sit and discuss topics from glamorous castings to actually setting up a shoot.
I always keep notes that I use after each session to create review sheets of the course mediums and recommendations ( it helps me a lot to find perspective and clarity of ideas ) . 
The recommendations she provides ( books & art direction movies and visuals)  are one of a kind. I had to include them in my private inspiration workbook that I go back to for inspiration from time to time. 
I find it really useful to engage with classmates, she is very patient with everyone in class always encouraging us to engage and give feedback on each other’s work, although hers are always the most precise and straightforward due to her vast experience with world leading fashion brands and magazines.

 I would highly recommend this new Part 2 Production course with Schelay for anyone interested in learning about art directing and/or producing artistic & fashion in multimedia.

For course dates and details please contact Schelay by email or on fashiontentt Instagram

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