Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Cinzia Cairone - Fashion Editorial Narrative for C Magazine

Editorial Fashion Shoot Narrative for C Magazine - 

Application of idea across multimedia including film

STAGE 1 Idea Proposal

                          STAGE 2 Preproduction Team Proposal

                                                Stage 3  Sequence Planning

© Cinzia Cairone


"I recently completed Schelay's course on Production, image creation management and the Producer role. It was a great introduction for me to the fashion production field. I understood how to put my creative project into practical practice to the business standards of the industry. Every week we had different homework which gave me a full insight into the Producer's job. Also, it was beneficial that we were a small group as Schelay was able to guide us with more feed back and individual time within our group. Since she has significant industry experience, her feedback and support were really helpful to improve my skill base and knowledge for job searches and roles in image creation and management.  I highly recommend the course!"

Cinzia Cairone 07/02/21

© Schelay McCarter - fashiontent