Monday, 8 February 2010

Anthropology, take a look at the store and web site....

Anthropology a lifestyle store that has been around in the US now for 15 years is the favorite store of many but interestingly also Jo Hooper the successful head of Womenswear buying at John Lewis - she says ' you come away with a door knob, a bar of soap you don't need and a cute dress'
It is an interesting web site.
There is one open now in Regents street London. Like a magpie you want to collect the beautifully chosen items each with an individual bespoke homemade craft twist, be in fabric or pottery, furniture that is made to look second hand or inherited..
The photography image setting is good on the website and reflects the brands thrift shop retro feel, however loses it's way the more one delves into the different departments. I have tried to pick the best images, see above. The cake shop and shoes on canvas are divine as mood setting brand images.
On the web site I think each garment zone - ie dresses, coats, shoes and accessories should have a setting the scene mood photo - a mood shot pulling you into that zone connecting each area and gives a cohesive hand writing. This is done on some areas but not on all.
There should be mood setting and body fit and garment detail photography - each having a different goal, one making you 'want to be' , the other making you 'want to buy to be', etc
The site is quite user friendly and has the clothes on dress stands ( see above example) but I still maintain the garment would look better on a model, like asos and net-a-porter which do this very successfully. These sites really do make it very easy to buy the clothes and not feel worried you will have to send them back as you can't see how they look on a body. The styling is also very good. see what you think........