Thursday, 11 February 2010

My take on an Editorial shoot for the trend 'Spring Bling' 2010

A. Summer Bling concept idea - showing detail and at the same time creating the mood for the trend -

B. Pose and Cropping setting mood showing detail

Take a look at board A Kate Moss models here at her best - totally natural in her mood and response to the camera. The shoot looks like it took place at dusk or as the sun came up in the morning depending on where in the world it was taking place. The lighting catches the sparkle of the clothes and kate makes them look so easy and great to wear. These shots would set the scene perfectly on a web site to reflect this Spring Bling trends commercial viability in a summer holiday context making it aspirational.

Board B is an example of how by cropping your shots tight you can maximize the detail of the clothes and at the same time create a really interesting image that has impact and pulls you into what is happening setting the mood.