Friday, 17 June 2011

Central Saint Martins - last shows in historic building on Charing Cross Road

The queue of people became longer and longer moving way past Foyles book shop next door

This is the invitation sent out to friends and family and alumni of Central Saint Martins for the BA Fashion & Fine art, Graduate Diploma in Fashion, Post Graduate Professional Studies in Art & design : Photography

The expectant atmosphere outside the historic Central Saint Martins building was not dissimilar to that at London Fashion Week. There were those of us who queued patiently in line with our priority invites and then as the doors were opened by three black suited men a surge of queue jumpers tried to push in at the front - not unlike trying to get on the tube in the rush hour! As I entered the hallowed building I looked to my left and saw another long queue had formed. Well after all this is St Martins the most famous Art College in the world. This status was reflected in the mix of nationalities I saw exhibiting as well as viewing the work. 
I felt a pang of nostalgia as I walked past Louise Wilson's office and saw her chatting to one of her students. The likes of Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Antonio Berardi, Matthew Williamson, John Galliano have worked on their MA fashion projects in these rooms.  This wonderful old building full of creative fervour will soon be handed over to developers making way for the much anticipated move to new State of the Art premises next door to St Pancras train station. It is the passing of an era, and will be the beginning of a new one. I can only compare it to the reluctance felt by the UK insurance hive Lloyds of London another historic and successful institution that relinquished it's old heritage building steeped in history to move to the Richard Rogers 'boiler house' in Leadenhall St. They haven't looked back and I am sure nor will St Martins. All the same I am glad I went to the last show in Charing Cross road and I will do so in Southampton Row where I teach and am making the most of the last few months before we have to move out. Here are some images of my room and the great views.

The shows are open to members of the public 17 - 23 June - 12 -8 pm ( 6pm on 23rd June, closed Sun 19 June)
The MA fashion show will take place during london Fashion Week in September. 

If you go check out Pelayo Diaz's hand bags and Daniella Klingfluss 's work - I liked the way some of the students used ipads for showing their work.