Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Lily Donaldson beats Lady Gaga in Dasha Zhirkova's photo shoot

Lily posing for Nick Knight in live streaming of a fashion photo shoot for Dasha Zhirkova's Garage magazine today. Dinos Chapman who collaberated with Nick Knight on this editorial fashion idea is an modern artist who is well known for his avant garde work with his brother Jake. Known as the Chapman Brothers, they mostly work together as a collaborative sibling duo. Their subject matter tends to concentrate on whatever is generally deemed to be appalling, vulgar, or offensive - makes for an interesting shoot reflecting the current cerebral influence of art on fashion. 
Lady Gaga in Mugler at the CDFA awards yesterday.

Lily Donaldson looks amazing in a similar doll like look as Lady Gaga complete with bright coloured wig in the Nick Knight and Dinos Chapman shoot called Agathe's House for Dasha Zhikova's new magazine (rumoured to be) called 'Garage' about fashion and art - out soon I hear, well once Mr Knight has done the shoot!
It is being live streamed on Show Studio as I write.http://showstudio.com/project/agathes_house