Thursday, 23 June 2011

Tati Colier - transmits a rebellious intelligence

This 20 yr old Argentinian model is a rare find - not classically beautiful - Tati Colier with Select Models radiates an intelligent and rebellious beauty. She has a personality that is engaging and a look that is captivating. For this reason she is as commercial as Amber Valleta, Erin OcConnor and Karen Elsen other models with a look that is beautiful but different. Some might even say that she has the rare chameleon like qualities of Kate Moss. Photographers love to use models such as these as they give guaranteed commitment to the job in hand and as a result a special connection through the lens. 
Watch this space she has already done Vivienne Westwood and worked with Steven Meisel and Proenza Schouler and Lanvin for H&M.