Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Prada Summer 2011 - Josephine Baker influences

The Prada shop front in Milano this early May.

The brand Campaign was excellent

A powerful image for Prada with a large logo on this brand campaign for the glossies such as Vogue.

The Prada logo was added after the shoot in post production using Photoshop

with logo, see below without!
note the colour has been brightened on the campaign

with logo 

leaving room for logo placement in the art direction of this image, note the above was brightened using Photoshop in post production. 

Just look at all those bags to buy! room for a white on black logo in the top right hand corner of this shot or large behind the models one of which is new super model  American Arizona Muse. Note the much copied orange pink and black striped dress.

Witness the full power of the Prada marketing machine. The Josephine Baker inspired collection was launched on the Catwalk in Milan at Italian fashion week in September 2010. The photography and short film of the collection was then created to go on the website and look book for the press. The branding photography is controlled by Prada and created to go in the top international fashion glossies such as Vogue. The editorial Photography is controlled by the fashion editor of the magazine.  During the past months running up to Summer we can buy the clothes and see the beautiful cohesive window displays of Prada products.  The stripes and graphic patterns in bold colours we are already  familiar with have come to epitomise Summer fashion for 2011. Clever marketing Prada. See Josephine Baker in action below -

now see the Prada brand campaign film below - the music and movement gives the clothes a cool energy.   

and this is what it was like back stage - check out those dance moves....